Body Protector

Lastly, we developed a product we call the BODY PROTECTOR. It is a round, flat pendant that is designed to offer the same protection that the Home Protector provides. It has the same programming process as the Home Protector but can be worn throughout the day to assist in your health and well being while outside the home, i.e. in your car, workspace, shopping, etc. The main benefit is that it has a calming effect on the person wearing it, as well as enhancing the body functions of the person. This supports the grounding of the body from electrical fields.

The Pendant comes in two sizes, a larger one for adult use and a smaller version for children and/or pets. Both of the pendants have the same frequencies and adjust to the size of the person. A child would have a 15 foot aura and an adult would have a 20 foot aura.

Mini Pendants available in Teal Green, Cranberry Pink, Royal Blue and Purple.

Adult Pendants available in Teal Green, Cranberry Pink, Royal Blue, Purple, Red and Black (Deep Purple)

These products are automatically upgraded every time we come up with a new innovation. If used in combination with the Farm Protector, we have found it to be beneficial to the health of livestock, agricultural use, as well as people.