After approximately 40 years of working with nature

A natural progression of the Home Protector was to come up with an innovation we could use for agricultural use. This led us to develop the large green paperweight, which we call the Farm Protector. We recently raised the oxygen level and increased the hydrogen. This product is now capable of sequestering approximately 20 tons of carbon annually, which is a huge benefit to crops.

We have also used this technology in municipal waste water treatment plants to remove odor, chemicals, and sludge. Another benefit we noticed is that we are getting more bees. They seem very calm, as they didn’t bother us when harvesting cucumbers. The Farm Protector is capable of covering up to approximately 5,000 acres.

We have a large blue paperweight which we call the INDUSTRIAL PROTECTOR. This is primarily for use in larger facilities, such as seniors homes, workplaces, hospitals, churches, etc. Because of the blue color the Industrial Protector increases oxygen within these environments. It has the effect of increasing positive energy. It also has all the technology that is programmed into all of the other products.

This technology harvests all greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and converts them into carbon, which is put into the soil and livestock, and feedstocks. The carbon is used to support the bacteria in the soil and in the digestive system of all animals. This performs the function of producing vitamins and amino acids to support the animal’s health.

The carbon picks up toxins and carries them deep into the ground, therefore picking up molds and fungus found in food supplies and removes them. Carbon is also important in building muscles, bones, and removing toxins from animals and soil.

The higher oxygen reduces the odor from livestock and helps in the composting of manure in the manure pits. Our farmers have noticed little or no odor coming from the manure and the agitation of a manure lagoon is reduced to approximately ten minutes. The manure, when applied to crops does not burn the leaves of the plants, as it is already composted.

These products are automatically upgraded every time we come up with a new innovation. If used in combination with the Farm Protector, we have found it to be beneficial to the health of livestock, agricultural use, as well as people.