Home Protector

After approximately 40 years of working with nature — both with animals and crops — and observing the energy connection between man-made electromagnetic pollution and nature, we felt we had to develop a product that would bring our knowledge into supporting human health.

The first item we developed is called the HOME PROTECTOR and it looks somewhat like an egg and/or paperweight. It was developed as a vessel for delivering life-aiding frequencies. The reason we decided to use crystal is because it is pure, with no heavy metals, and it can be programmed successfully by using Radionics. This product is intentionally programmed with DC current, as found in all of nature.

It is meant to be used in the home to put a “protective bubble” around the home in order to protect all life from harmful effects of man-made electricity. The Home Protector should be placed a safe distance from where you sleep. It is generally placed somewhere in the center of the house (living room) as it covers 200 feet in all directions, as well as above and below. It decreases the living quarters of harmful man-made frequencies, as well as increases oxygen and hydrogen levels in the home. It helps remove harmful molds and enhances the growth of plants in the home.

It is also available in green and royal blue.