Laurentia Crystal Energy



Hello, there! I was born in England on a 250 acre mixed farm.

Once I graduated from school, I took animal nutrition at a University in Suffolk. Eventually I immigrated to Canada as a swine specialist. I finished my animal nutrition and breeding in genetics at Guelph University.

I bought a farm and converted it into one of the largest pig farms in Eastern Ontario. Approximately 40 years ago I started my vitamin mineral business. At that time no one was solving the problem of geomagnetic lines and how they affect livestock.

This is when I started working on solving these problems in many countries. As technology’ has changed, we changed the way we delivered frequencies to enhance livestock production.

Never before has agriculture changed so much. We are being bombarded with man-made frequencies from dirty electricity, radar, 4G and 5G, GPS, cell phone, wi-fi, computers, transponders, blue light from light bulbs. These all have a negative effect on animals, plants, bacteria, and of course people.

Our mission is to help protect families, animals, and all soil life.


Peter Webb, President