Our Products

Our mission is to help protect families, animals, and all soil life.

Never before has agriculture changed so much. We are being bombarded with man-made frequencies from dirty electricity, radar, 4G and 5G, GPS, cell phone, wi-fi, computers, transponders, blue light from light bulbs. These all have a negative effect on animals, plants, bacteria, and of course people.

Home Protector

The first item we developed is called the HOME PROTECTOR and was developed as a vessel for delivering life-aiding frequencies. It is meant to be used in the home to put a “protective bubble” around the home in order to protect all life from harmful effects of man-made electricity. It decreases the living quarters of harmful man-made frequencies, as well as increases oxygen and hydrogen levels in the home. It helps remove harmful molds and enhances the growth of plants in the home. Learn more by clicking the image or the link below.

Farm & Industrial Protector

A natural progression of the Protector was to come up with an innovation we could use for agricultural use. This led us to develop the large green paperweight, which we call the FARM PROTECTOR. This technology harvests all greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and converts them into carbon, which is put into the soil and livestock, and feedstocks. The carbon is used to support the bacteria in the soil and in the digestive system of all animals. This performs the function of producing vitamins and amino acids to support the animal’s health. We also have a large blue paperweight which we call the INDUSTRIAL PROTECTOR. This is primarily for use in larger facilities, such as seniors homes, workplaces, hospitals, churches, etc. Because of the blue color the Defender increases oxygen within these environments. It has the effect of increasing positive energy. It also has all the technology that is programmed into all of the other products. Learn more by clicking the image or the link below.

Body Protector

Lastly, we developed a product we call the BODY PROTECTOR. It is a round, flat pendant that is designed to offer the same protection that the Protector provides. It has the same programming process as the Protector but can be worn throughout the day to assist in your health and well being while outside the home, i.e. in your car, workspace, shopping, etc. The main benefit is that it has a calming effect on the person wearing it, as well as enhancing the body functions of the person. This supports the grounding of the body from electrical fields. Learn more by clicking the image or the link below.

Mr. Peter Webb

I would like to inform you about the positive results I have got by wearing continually your marvelous pendant since few months

These improvements are: 

-My Oncologist and another Physician specialized in control (management) of pain told me that my two last bone scans didn’t show any metastasis.

-Increased my strength, my appetite and my weight (few pounds)

-I try to get out for a walk twice a day.

-Finally I recommenced to drive my car occasionally, which I had not done for nineteen months.

I feel that a second life is starting again due to this powerful pendant.


Michel from Quebec